Ari Fleischer: Mattis Statement Blasting Trump Is ‘Troublesome Sign’ for the President


Former Bush White House press secretary and current Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer said Wednesday night that the scathing statement from James Mattis going after President Donald Trump is a “troublesome sign.”

Mattis — who had been rather reserved up until this point in what he’s had to say publicly about the president — unloaded on Trump and called him a divider, denounced his “bizarre photo op” this week, and said what we’re witnessing is “the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

On Special Report, Baier read from Mattis’ statement and asked Fleischer for his reaction.

“Scathing is right,” Fleischer said. “That piece was very tough on the president. And it got right to the greatest fault line in our society — how divisive the president can be. How divisive the times we live in are. I think people are equally divisive back to the president.”

Fleischer said Mattis clearly reached a “breaking point” and is “uncomfortable with what he’s seeing,” adding, “It’s extraordinary that a former member of the president’s cabinet would criticize the man who gave him that position in such blunt terms. It’s a sign of the trouble that the president is in. You know, you don’t want to be a president when you have such great division where you’re losing former allies. Especially in an election year.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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