Axios’ Jonathan Swan: Cohen Doesn’t Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried, Maybe ‘Like 20 Bodies’


On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace discussed with his guests the issue of Michael Cohen‘s knowledge about Donald Trump, and how worried Trump is or should be about what Cohen may reveal now that the relationship is severed.

Jonathan Swan, National Political Reporter for Axios, took the question. He said he can’t really say how worried Trump actually is, but offered some great insight on how worried Trump should be.

“I can’t speak to his level of worry because it’s not something he would project to people I would talk to,” he said. But we can see how angry he is, said Swan. “But his anger level is probably twelve out of ten.”

Rudy Giuliani was on the program in the previous segment, and Swan referenced that, saying that “if you take Rudy Giuliani as a vessel” for Trump’s anger, “going out and calling Cohen a pathological liar, etc, etc, that’s a pretty good proxy.”

But as for the amount of concern that Trump and company should have about what Cohen may say, it’s not necessarily at the level you might think.

“As regards how much exposure he has, the one thing I will say is people do misconceive Michael Cohen’s role in Trump world,” said Swan. “He was this sort of ‘off the books’ kind of lawyer, as you can see from THAT tape-recording, but it’s not like he had full visibility over everything.”

“I often see it stated as fact that Cohen knows where every body is buried,” he continued. “Actually, he doesn’t. He knows where like, you know, maybe like 20 bodies are buried. But there’s probably, you know, whatever, however many more.”

That got a good laugh from Wallace and the other guests, but Swan pointed out there’s a bigger concern looming for Trump when it comes to insiders speaking to investigators: Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg.

“It’s really Weisselberg, the lawyer that has been with Trump for decades and actually started out working for Trump’s father Fred Trump, who has just been subpoenaed,” he said. The Wall Street Journal reported this week on the long-time Trump insider being called to testify in Cohen’s grand jury. “He’s the guy who really has visibility. So, on the hierarchy of concern, he should be much higher.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Sunday.

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