Bernie Sanders Finally Concedes That Hillary Clinton Is ‘The Presumptive Nominee’

1trumpAfter nearly a month of refusing to actually concede the Democratic presidential nomination to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders has finally eased himself fully into the tub. During an interview with Chris Hayes on Wednesday night’s All In with Chris Hayes, Sanders’ obstinate streak ended suddenly and without fanfare, as he called Hillary Clinton the “presumptive nominee” for the first time:

Let me just say this. I got in the race obviously, to try to win. We’re going to Philadelphia, and Hillary Clinton has more votes than I do. She is the presumptive nominee, and that is just basically the fact.

In an earlier interview with Wolf “Jake” Blitzer, Sanders walked up to the line, calling Clinton the “presumptive candidate” when pressed, but tonight marks the first time he’s used the magic words.

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