Breonna Taylor Family Lawyer Demands Kentucky AG Release Grand Jury Transcripts: Was This Justice or a ‘Sham Proceeding?’


Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney representing the family of Breonna Taylor, demanded a full accounting of the evidence involved in the Jefferson County grand jury’s decision on her police shooting death.

Crump joined The View on Thursday after blasting the lack of direct charges Brett Hankison and his Louisville Metro Police Department colleagues face in connection with Taylor’s death. In light of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron stating that the officers were justified in their use of force in the Taylor apartment search, Crump wanted to know what Cameron evidence presented to the grand jury during their deliberations on the case.

Did he present any evidence on behalf of Breonna Taylor? Because, if he didn’t, then he unilaterally put his finger on the scale of justice and made sure that these police officers were exonerated and that Breonna Taylor wouldn’t get due process, that she wouldn’t get justice. So we are demanding that he release the transcript of the grand jury proceedings since he talked about transparency. Well, let us see what was presented to yield these unbelievable results.

Crump went on to ask whether Taylor’s boyfriend got any recognition for his right to self defense since he shot at Hankison and his fellow officers as they searched her apartment, thinking they were intruders. He also disputed Cameron’s claim that the officers knocked and identified themselves before entering.

“Why didn’t he have Kenny Walker testify to the grand jury? What case was presented to the grand jury so Breonna could get justice?” Crump said. “That’s why we’re scratching our heads saying we deserve to know if this prosecutor ever tried to get justice for Breonna Taylor, or was this just a sham proceeding so they can try to wash their hands and sweep it under the rug…”

Crump went on by once again calling it “outrageous” that Hankinson is being charged with wanton endangerment for threatening Taylor’s neighbors with stray bullets during the incident, but no charges for Taylor’s death.

Watch above, via ABC.

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