Brian Stelter Stops Tucker Carlson’s Criticism Cold: ‘That’s Called Journalism’


CNN’s Brian Stelter has released a PR statement Fox News declined to run on Wednesday night as Tucker Carlson criticized his coverage of the internal uproar caused by the hiring of Sarah Isgur Flores.

CNN has raised eyebrows – both in and outside of the network – with their decision to bring on Flores as their political editor for 2020. Stelter has reported on the commotion within CNN, noting that the criticism stems from the fact that not only is Flores a conservative political operative with no real journalism experience, but also because she used to work for the Justice Department under President Donald Trump.

Carlson used a portion of his latest show to cover the “hysteria,” during which, he tossed out insulting nicknames for Stelter while offering a measure of defense of Flores despite CNN’s “rush to judgment.” Stelter took notice of this, and according to his latest newsletter, Carlson’s team asked CNN to explain how it was appropriate for Stelter to report on the internal strife over Flores.

Fox never aired that statement, so Stelter took the initiative.

“In his role as a media reporter, Brian is obligated to turn the lens on his own network and colleagues when they become the story. He provides the same protections to his sources and applies the same scrutiny to the subjects of his reporting — within or outside of CNN. That’s called journalism. If he hadn’t reported on yesterday’s story, your show would be accusing him of bias.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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