Brit Hume: Trump Has Made Midterms About Himself More Than Any Other President


Veteran TV journalist and Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said President Donald Trump has made a midterm election more about himself this year than any other president in recent memory.

After anchor Bret Baier noted that “President Trump is on this ballot” tonight, meaning Americans are deciding whether or not to approve of his record so-far, Hume enthusiastically agreed.

“No president in my memory, maybe ever, has ever made himself as much the center of a midterm election as this president has,” he said.

“I remember covering Clinton in ’94 when he campaigned hard. Barack Obama did the same thing in 2010. To no avail in both cases as it turned out, their parties lost control of the House in those years,” Hume continued. “But this president has done more and been — [the midterm] has been more about him than I can ever remember.”

He then noted that Americans will know if Trump’s campaigning strategy, including his “huge rallies” and “making himself the center of things,” is a working path for Republicans after tonight’s results.

“Will they matter this time, we will find out tonight, after these huge rallies. Making himself the center of things, we will see if this is effective or not so much,” Hume said. “It could end up as a rebuke to him or a wash. It doesn’t look as though at this point it will be a big triumph for him.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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