Camerota Roasts Schlapp: ‘Conservatives Don’t Care Anymore About Extramarital Affairs?’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota grilled Matt Schlapp over President Donald Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels on New Day.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Trump cheated on his pregnant wife Melania with porn star Stormy at a golf tournament in 2006, and then had his lawyer pay Stormy $130k to keep quiet about the affair. And a recent complaint filed against the Trump campaign claimed the hush money paid to Stormy constituted an unclaimed campaign expense.

Well Schlapp, a former George W. Bush staffer whose wife Mercedes works in the current White House, tried his very best to dismiss the sex scandal as irrelevant on CNN’s New Day.

“I don’t really have many thoughts on this Alisyn,” Schlapp said. “They’re basing this on a publication that is kind of like TMZ, a gossip publication.”

After the WSJ report, it was revealed that Daniels detailed the affair in 2011 to In Touch magazine, in an interview published just last week.

When Camerota reminded Schlapp that the WSJ reported the story, Schlapp got defensive: “Alisyn do you read In Touch? I don’t read it. Do you read it?”

“I do read the Wall Street Journal,” Camerota shot back.

“But I don’t read In Touch,” Schlapp assured the CNN host.

Schlapp then pivoted, pleading that “with everything that’s going on in the country,” they could talk about something else.

The political commentator continued to bizarrely dismiss the story as “an article from In Touch magazine,” before exclaiming “we are all better than this!”

“Matt, so conservatives don’t care anymore about extramarital affairs?” an exceedingly patient Camerota asked.

Schlapp dodged that question, invoking Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, before shouting at his CNN host: “But you literally want to delve into the sex lives of everyone in politics, I do not!”

“You don’t care,” Camerota noted. “You don’t care anymore about a candidate’s extramarital affairs. You don’t want to talk about it anymore. How convenient.”

Schlapp contended that there are simply too many policy questions to discuss to have time to fit in a conversation on Trump’s affairs.

“Sure, back-burner this one,” Camerota concluded before throwing to other guest Ana Navarro, who had a predictable reaction.

Watch above, via CNN.

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