Charlie Gasparino Calls Trump’s Amazon Attacks ‘What Dictators Do’ on Fox Biz


Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino got into it with host Charles Payne after he called President Donald Trump’s attacks against Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and the Washington Post “what dictators do.”

“This is what dictators do, they go out and they attack a certain company because they don’t like what they’re doing,” Gasparino said.

He continued: “It’s what we didn’t like about Obama. He wanted to manage the economy, company by company, telling CEOs, ‘You got to do this.’ Stay away from this. This is so stupid.”

Payne, however, felt differently, as he specifically argued that Trump’s comments are not “a dictator thing.”

“Every single day I scroll down the articles on the Washington Post, and each one of them is a greater insult to president Trump,” Payne said. “Their hatred for President Trump is vitriolic.”

As for Trump’s remarks, the president took to Twitter to continue his beef with Bezos and his empire, claiming the billionaire uses the USPS as a “delivery boy,” which gives them an unfair advantage over competing brick and mortar enterprises, while supposedly also using the paper as a lobbying firm.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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