Chris Cuomo Laughs at Trump Defender Steve Cortes’ Self-Own: ‘I Didn’t Listen Much in History Class’


CNN contributor and Trump defender Steve Cortes drew laughs and mockery by bragging that he didn’t “listen much in history class.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of Cuomo PrimeTime, host Chris Cuomo hosted a “Great Debate” segment between Cortes and fellow CNN contributor Angela Rye on the subject of immigration.

Toward the end of the segment, Cortes opined that “If we say anyone that has a tough lot in life in the world may suddenly come to the United States at their choosing, our currently prosperous country will no longer be prosperous.”

“Migrant labor hasn’t helped this country, right?” Cuomo deadpanned.

“I wonder how this country got prosperous,” Rye said, adding “It’s a lack of compassion just like what you’re showing, Steve.”

“We got prosperous from a lack of compassion?” an incredulous — and apparently unaware of slavery and Jim Crow and Native American genocide et cetera — Cortes asked.

“I don’t know what you got taught in history class, but we will fix that in the next ‘Great Debate,’ you have a good night,” Rye replied.

“I didn’t listen much in history class,” Cortes said, to immediate laughter.

As Cortes tried to continue, Rye exclaimed “Clearly! Clearly!”

Cortes added “Thank goodness, because I didn’t want to be taught what the secular humanists in the educational system wanted me to learn about history.”

Cuomo thanked his guests, then laughingly told Cortes, “I gotta tell you, Steve, I have never believed anything you’ve ever said more than what you just said, I believe what you just said 110 percent! I don’t believe you were paying attention.”

As he tossed to the next segment, though, an amused Cuomo couldn’t let it go. “He literally just said I didn’t pay attention in history class, and you wonder… anyway,” Cuomo laughed.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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