Chris Matthews Blasts Hillary For Accurate Ku Klux Klan Ad Without Knowing Facts


MSNBC host Chris Matthews ended his Hardball program Thursday night with a dopey commentary about how Hillary Clinton calling out Donald Trump‘s racism is just as bad as Trump actually being racist, but it turns out his opinion wasn’t just stupid, it was also ill-informed.

Hillary Clinton delivered a blistering speech Thursday excoriating Trump over his courtship of the racist “alt-right,” but she buttressed that speech with the release of a hard-hitting web ad that drew connections between Trump and several prominent racists. It was this ad, which featured imagery of the Ku Klux Klan, that Matthews strenuously objected to. Earlier in his program, Matthews grilled the panel on whether it was fair to “tie Trump into a murderous outfit” like the Klan.

When he was informed that a current Klan leader had publicly endorsed Trump, Matthews said “I didn’t know that. I’m not sure that’s true.”

Matthews’ false equivalency is toxically stupid on its own, but what makes this so much worse is that not only did he fail to Google this information before the end of his show, it appears he failed to watch the ad that he was criticizing, which contained this exact footage. It’s literally the first thing in the ad:

Now, Matthews could make an argument that a candidate can’t control who supports him, so that’s what makes this kind of ad unfair, but then Matthews would have to take issue with Lyndon Johnson, who went a step further than Hillary did by using unrelated Klan footage over a narrated quote by a klansman.

But that’s not even the crummy argument Chris Matthews is making. Chris Matthews fully acknowledges the racism of Trump’s campaign, and yet he still argues that Hillary calling him out over it constitutes “match(ing) him in nastiness.” For a guy who likes to lecture people about the history of lynchings, he sure seems to have forgotten a lot about it.

Here’s the segment that was used in Hillary’s ad:

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