Chris Matthews Called Out For Asking Black Panelist if Campaign Job Was Comparable to Slavery


An MSNBC panelist called out Chris Matthews after the Hardball host compared working under a tough campaign boss to slavery.

Juanita Tolliver, the campaign director for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, appeared on Matthews’ program on Friday during which the host asked her, “You worked for politicians, did they all insist on slavery?”

“Come on, you are talking to a woman of color here alright, nothing compares to what happened to my ancestors,” Tolliver replied to Matthews.

He replied by doubling down on the comment.

“I’m serious, some bosses are notoriously bad to people and they do humiliate their people,” he said.

“Still very short of slavery,” Tolliver responded, adding that there have “been bad bosses out there, but nothing to the degree of what we see in the Trump administration where he is actually creating this web where people get entrenched in it and can’t find a way out.”

Matthews then brought up President Lyndon B, Johnson, who he called “an awful man” and said that “he did treat his staff like slaves.”

“And the fact is, we didn’t hear about it until later,” he said.

Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar has received the most criticism for her staff treatment so far in the 2020 campaign, as her former staffers accused her of mistreatment in various ways, including throwing things like Binders at them and berating them to the point of tears.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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