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Chris Matthews: ‘The Republican Party Has Become The Birther Party’

Chris Matthews is absolutely convinced that the once great Republican party has now been completely changed into the Birther party, and Matthews claims that now the poll results back him up. Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote in USA Today that he is eager to talk about many other issues; however, Matthews concludes this is only because Trump has already succeeded in converting the Republican party to the party of Birthers.

Matthews alleges that in the world of most Republicans, everyone from Obama to the state of Hawaii is lying in a massive attempt to prevent the truth about Obama’s “fraud” presidency from being discovered. Obama is an “alien from another land” and “owes loyalty to God knows who” according to these Republicans. Despite claims from some Republicans that the Birther issue is a fringe element, Matthews no longer believes it is merely a distraction, since “seven in ten Republicans” today lack the basic confidence that Obama legitimately holds the office.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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