Chris Matthews Blasts Obama: “The Gulf Of Mexico Is More Important Than A Presidency”

Perhaps Chris Matthews started worrying he was being out-shined in the tirade department by James Carville. Just ahead of President Obama’s press conference earlier today Matthews went on his own rant about how the Louisiana coast line is “part of our birthright, with the Grand Canyon, with Niagara Falls, with Yosemite.” And then he directed this zinger at Obama:

The Gulf of Mexico is more important than a Presidency, and the president has not acted that way, he has not acted like this is more important than a fundraiser in California, or an interview about basketball with Marv Albert.

And later: “If I hear one more time that Sec. Chu has a Nobel Prize I’m going to barf!”

Also, since historical references are all the rage, Matthews thinks this is the equivalent of the Iranian Hostage crisis, or the Dunkirk operation, or Harry Truman drafting the mine workers.

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