Chris Ruddy Gets Rowdy With Andrea Mitchell: ‘No Evidence’ Trump Ever ‘Tried to Stop’ Russia Probe


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had a rowdy conversation with Newsmax CEO and Donald Trump friend Chris Ruddy on Tuesday. The bulk of the discussion revolved around the three-way legal dynamic between the president, Former FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Mitchell started the interview by asking for Ruddy’s thoughts on Trump’s national emergency declaration, but Ruddy quickly took things for a turn when he started grumbling about the “misleading statements that are constantly made” on Mitchell’s show. This led to Ruddy going on a tangent against the Russia investigations, during which, he argued that Trump “has never tried to stop the Russia probe, there’s no evidence he ever tried.”

McCabe has used his ongoing media tour to talk about how he tried to guarantee the Russia probe’s continuation in case Trump fired him like he did Comey. It’s worth noting that Trump cited the Russia probe in 2017 as the leading reason behind his decision to fire Comey.

In his interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, McCabe defended the counterintelligence probe he opened on Trump by saying it was “possible” the president was working for Russia. He also said he saw no objections when he informed Congress of his activities back then.

Ruddy finished his spiel by defending Trump’s firing of Comey while taking further swipes at the lack of “balance in the media” and the “wild accusations” getting passed around. When Mitchell deferred to Robert Mueller’s inevitable report, Ruddy called her fair while he continued complaining about general media unfairness, even as Mitchell defended Guthrie’s questioning of McCabe.

Ruddy responded by characterizing Comey’s ouster as such:

“The reason why Director Comey was fired…first of all, he broke FBI protocols when he talked about the Clinton e-mail matter in a public forum and talked about the indictment, he wasn’t supposed to do it. He then reopened an investigation the week before the election, broke Justice Department and FBI protocols. The Democrats didn’t like him at the time the president fired him. But now the president is the bad guy for firing him. You know, and everybody is insinuating this and that but there’s never any evidence that he did anything wrong or that it was inappropriate.”

The conversation continued with Mitchell asking Ruddy to clarify his claim that Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats is on the chopping block for contradicting the administration on several foreign policy fronts. Ruddy said Coats “overstepped his bounds and really undercut the president” with his recent statements, though Mitchell retorted that the intelligence community is legally obligated to testify before Congress with their findings.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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