Chris Wallace on Biden’s Super Tuesday Virginia Win: ‘Michael Bloomberg is Having a Terrible Night’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace assessed that Michael Bloomberg’s heading for a “terrible night” based on how quickly Joe Biden won in Virginia.

Exit projections declared Biden the winner almost instantly after the polls closed on Super Tuesday, with the vice president routing the competition. As Wallace analyzed Biden’s lead in the state, he assessed that “Michael Blockberg is having a terrible night.”

“His ads have been running nonstop in Washington TV, which is Northern Virginia,” Wallace said. “He’s not having a good night. He may not make the 15 percent threshold.”

Wallace noted that Bloomberg has been spending millions on his ad campaigns to target Super Tuesday states, and tonight is the ex-New York City mayor’s first time on the ballot in the Democratic primary. To provide some additional context, CNN’s Gloria Borger noted that Biden managed to win Virgina while spending only a fraction of the money Bloomberg did there.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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