Chris Wallace on Nunes Memo: ‘I Wouldn’t Say It’s Worse Than Watergate’


This afternoon, following the release of the controversial Nunes memo that purports to show FISA abuses in the Russia probe, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace showed up on Shepard Smith Reporting for his usual Friday chat with anchor Shep Smith. And he revealed that while he thinks the memo reveals some troubling things, he doesn’t think it’s a huge bombshell either.

After stating that the memo seems to show “extensive use” of the Steele dossier to get a FISA warrant on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page and that there are a lot of Democratic ties to the dossier, Wallace added that “there are things missing here that make you question whether we’re getting the full story.”

Wallace also addressed a reference to now-former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe telling the House Intelligence Committee that no warrant would have been sought without the dossier. He noted that the memo doesn’t actually provide a direct quote from McCabe and instead paraphrases.

“I’d be interested to see the FISA judge — a court which reaches levels of importance in these United States almost with the Supreme Court. I haven’t heard you say it, that a FISA judge would allow such a thing based on an unverified dossier,” Smith responded. “It sounds very Nunes.”

“That’s now an adjective?” Wallace laughed.

“There’s a history,” Smith said. “You can’t ignore history when talking about the president. You can’t.”

Wallace went on state that one should come down the middle on this but a FISA application does normally contain dozens of pages of documents and therefore the dossier being the primary basis for getting the warrant is questionable.

Towards the end of the discussion, Smith pointed out that he just couldn’t see how Republicans and conservatives were crying out that the memo is a “bombshell” and “smoking gun,” or as Trump sees it — “a disgrace.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s worse than Watergate,” Wallace said, perhaps pushing back on colleague Sean Hannity’s repeated assertion. “And I wouldn’t say it’s nothing as some people have said. It’s interesting. There’s some troubling information in it. Let’s get the rest of the story.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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