Schumer Says McConnell ‘Won’t Dictate What This Senate Does’ Amid Power Sharing Fight: His Moves ‘Angered My Entire Caucus’


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Monday night to talk about the back-and-forth he’s been having with Mitch McConnell about procedural matters.

With a number of Democrats saying the Senate majority needs to take action right away on a number of key policy items, including further covid relief, Maddow asked Schumer about this “unusual situation” the Senate is in and asked how his impasse with McConnell over power-sharing is going to pan out.

Schumer said as he negotiated with his Republican counterpart, McConnell “went to the floor and said, ‘I won’t do it unless you Democrats do this.’ ‘Demand what I want.’ He’s not the majority leader. He’s the minority leader. And he is not going to get his way. We are not going to do what he wants and that is universal, Rachel, in my caucus.”

He even said McConnell’s actions “angered my entire caucus.”

After part of the interview aired, Maddow reported to viewers that McConnell “caved” on going forward with a power-sharing agreement.

McConnell’s new statement cited the opposition from two Democratic senators to killing the filibuster.

Maddow asked about that issue, and Schumer again said, “We will not let Mitch McConnell dictate to us what we will do and not do. Period. And these first five days have shown that. And as I said, my caucus is totally united from one end to the other that we’re not letting him go forward.”

He pointed to what others have said about getting things done through budget reconciliation, saying, “That’s something we certainly will use if they try to block this immediate covid bill.”

Maddow questioned Schumer on how Republicans responded to what Democrats pushed during the Obama administration, asking, “Isn’t the lesson there that it’s not worth trying to get bipartisan legislation because it will weaken it and make it worse and they’re never going to vote for it, anyway?”

“Our north star has to be the legislation itself. It has to be big and bold and strong. If Republicans work with us to get good, strong, legislation, yes, but I agree with you,” Schumer said.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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