CNN NatSec Analyst Rips ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Self-Centered’ Lockdown Protesters: They’re Putting ‘Everyone Else at Risk’


CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem bashed protestors on Sunday for defying social guidelines in order to protest state lockdowns throughout the country in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kayyem joined Brian Stelter to talk about the demonstrations for Reliable Sources, and she started by saying the protesters were “dangerous” and “self-centered,” rather than just expressing their frustrations.

“They are making what all of us are doing at home irrelevant, because they’re continuing to…provide fuel for the virus,” Kayyem said. “So I think that reporters, while it is a political story, really need to make it clear also the extent to which these people not are just putting themselves at risk, but putting me, you, your kids, my kids, everyone else at risk. The social distancing only works when the vast majority of people abide by it.”

The conversation continued with the CNN panel remarking on how Fox News initially dismissed the coronavirus, then started to cover it more seriously, and then swung back to calling for a swift reopening of the national economy. Stelter argued that Fox was fomenting “scientific ignorance” and “valuing celebrity over credibility” by repeatedly booking guests like Mehmet Oz and Phil McGraw to make appearances. Both TV doctors have been on the network to speak about the virus, and have backtracked from controversial statements they made on air.

When Kayyem got back into the mix, she said both doctors were “promoting a mythology about the virus.” As she outlined the long-term societal impact of the virus, Stelter asked Kayyem about those accusing the media of “overhyping” the virus, and she defended herself by referring to what she described as the “preparedness paradox.”

“People like me who have been urging staying inside, people like the doctors, scientists, people who know about pandemics, they say do this because it will save lives,” she said. “We expected to be told we’re overreacting, there’s worse things in the world compared to the death that’s occurring here, but it has a name, it’s called the preparedness paradox. You have to accept that’s what these people do.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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