CNN New Day Brutally Mocks GOP Storming Hearing: ‘Bunch of White Men’ that ‘Looked Like Such Jerks’


CNN New Day opened the 7 AM hour of Thursday’s show by pointing and laughing at House Republicans trying to storm the secure testimony led by Rep. Adam Schiff on Wednesday afternoon. It’s not uncommon for critical words to come from the New Day set, but the words offered by Jeffrey Toobin and Bianna Golodryga were noteworthy.

Toobin opened by admitting that, last night, every time he heard the name of Rep. Mo Brooks, he thought he was hearing the name of legendary filmmaker Mel Brooks, noting that the House Republican stunt “seemed like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.” (Harrumph!)

He then called the media stunt “a sign of desperation,” before crediting the House GOP for capturing a news cycle, “but I don’t know what good that news cycle did them. Because they looked like such jerks.”

Golodryga made a different comedic reference, saying ” I thought an episode of “Veep.” It really looked like a stunt.” She then followed by noting the homogenous demographics of the House Republicans that took part in the storming of the castle SCIF. “You saw a handful of women. Other than that you saw a bunch of white men,” she noted adding “this is not what America looks like right now.”

Golodryga put a fine point on the underlying story here, saying that these are “serious issues, serious ramifications are coming out of what we’re hearing from the people who are testifying who are life-long diplomats that have served this country.”

Watch above via CNN.

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