CNN Panel Destroys Trump, Bill Clinton Over Epstein Ties: Just When You Think Politics Can’t Get More ‘Cartoonishly Disgusting…’


A panel on CNN’s The Lead Monday said that it’s possible that neither President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump nor Secretary Alex Acosta are safe from scrutiny in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

“Is there serious concern there will be politicians that — whose names we know that will emerge in this case?” CNN Anchor Jake Tapper asked the panel.

“In Bill Clinton’s case it is already emerged because he’s on the flight manifest, the written flight manifest that came out a few years ago,” said Daily Beast writer Jackie Kucinich. The flight manifest showed that Bill Clinton had taken private chartered flights with Jeffrey Epstein. “So his — his role — what we don’t know what the role was, but it absolutely is possible.”

Tapper asked the panel if they thought Acosta was in trouble.

“It is hard to tell. The president seems to still show support for him,” said Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa. “We heard the president and asked him questions yesterday on the tarmac in New Jersey about this and he’s taking a hands off approach, and saying I know nothing about this and this is a long time ago.”

Olorunnipa said that when it comes to members of Congress and those who have the power to show some oversight, “It does seem like Acosta will be on the hot seat.”

Tapper then brought up the 2002 Trump quote, “Epstein likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them on the younger side.”

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers said that the quote suggests that he knows there’s “something sketchy” about Epstein. “Maybe he could say he didn’t know they were quite this young…  I’ll leave it to him to tell us what he’s referencing in that quote.”

Powers said she thought Clinton would say the same thing as Trump, that he would say “Well, I had no idea. I was just friends with him and I just flew on a plane with him 12 times. 26 times? 26 times.”

“So it is a little unbelievable in that you wouldn’t be aware of this,” said Powers.

“I’m learning slowly just when I think that politics can’t get any more cartoonishly disgusting to just up the ante and expect it will get worse,” said conservative columnist Mary Katharine Ham.

She said that for years, this plea deal was something of an outrage on the right because of Epstein’s connection to Bill Clinton. But now that the Alex Acosta connection has come to light, “because he’s now tied to the Trump Administration it will be interesting to see who flips as, Christine Pelosi suggests, who flips their allegiances about who they think should get in trouble over this now that he has connection to Trump.”

Ham was referring to this Christine Pelosi tweet:

You can watch above, via CNN.

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