CNN’s Powers Nails Trump Surrogate Over Call for ‘Reparations’: ‘Oh, So Slavery’s Funny?’


CNN nearly went off the rails on Monday night when CNN commentators Steve Cortes and Kirsten Powers collided over the “coup” against Donald Trump, the president’s flirtation with “reparations,” and a litany of other subjects.

The conversation started when Anderson Cooper brought up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s concern that Trump might not accept the results of the 2020 election if he fails to win another term. Powers noted that Trump has flirted with claims of voter fraud in the past when it suit him, but Cortes, a former Trump adviser, shot back that Pelosi’s idea is absurd “supposition” and “character assassination” based on what the president might do.

From there, Cooper pivoted by bringing up Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., who Trump recently retweeted for saying his presidential term should get an extra 2 years as “reparations” for the Russia investigation. Falwell referred to the probe as a “corrupt failed coup.”

Cortes surprised the panel when he said there “absolutely” was an “attempted coup” against Trump, so Cooper tied the idea of a coup to Trump’s dubious claims of voter fraud against himself. As Cortes continued to defend his argument, Powers got back in to say “nothing that has occurred comes anywhere near being a coup.”

Powers argued that the “biggest outrage” was that Trump and his allies are demanding “reparations” for his presidency when, politically speaking, that term is typically reserved for the idea that African Americans must be repaid for the historical, societal evils of slavery.

“What you’re doing there,” Cortes interjected, “you’re combining the two smears. So not only is the president a racist, he’s also authoritarian.

When Cortes defended the retweet as a “joke,” Powers shot back with “oh, so slavery is funny?”

“Who mentioned slavery?” Cortes asked. “You’re injecting slavery into it.”

It all went downhill from there.

Watch above, via CNN.

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