CNN Panel Stunned By Trump’s Claims About Rape in Mexico: ‘Maybe He’s Watching Alex Jones’


During a CNN panel Thursday, political analyst Joshua Green said maybe President Donald Trump was watching a little too much Alex Jones when he decided to again publicly slam Mexican immigrants by blaming them for what he says is an unprecedented level of rape cases.

“This is just Trump,” Green told Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash. “It’s what he does. He doesn’t tie himself to standards of fact and objectivity. Simply decides to say these things, maybe saw them on fox News, watching Alex Jones. His habit is to repeat them, regardless of them being consistently disproven by the media.”

The president delivered the attacks during a West Virginia talk on tax reform Thursday, describing in vivid detail scenarios of carnage and chaos he says are being brought to the U.S. by “the caravan,” his new buzzword for immigrants.

Asked why Trump couldn’t stay on message during the briefing, The Atlantic‘s Elaina Plott said he simply didn’t want to.

“He doesn’t want to be told what message to be tethered to,” Plott explained. “Also, I think it speaks to the cynicism of this White House. If you think about what rallies in the last year Trump has revived claims of millions of illegal immigrants casting votes in this election. Another state was Alabama. I think, you know, he has in his head –I don’t know if he’s being advised this way, but we saw during the Roy Moore election, too, he would tout this line because he just imagines this is something that would energize his base.”

Green added that Trump’s rape claims were not only inaccurate, but that immigrants travel in large groups as a form of protection.

“One of the reasons these refugees are traveling in a caravan is for safety, to protect themselves collectively against being attacked and raped by people as they move from Honduras and Central America up to the U.S. Border,” he said. “The idea that they, themselves, are this marauding band of rapists trying to climb the border fence, whatever it is that Trump is trying to imply there is wrong in all sorts of ways.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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