comScore CNN Panel Unleashes on Laura Ingraham: ‘I Can’t Believe’ She ‘Actually Has a Show’

CNN Panel Unleashes on Laura Ingraham: ‘I Can’t Believe’ She ‘Actually Has a Show’

A CNN panel slammed Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Easter Sunday, after she mocked 17-year-old school shooting survivor David Hogg for not getting into his top colleges, saying her offensive tweets were not appropriate behavior for a religious Christian during Holy Week.

“I’ve just got to say: It’s Easter,” CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter said. “It bothers me that the apology was couched in terms of being in the spirit of Holy Week. And now we’re supposed to believe that this was a prescheduled vacation because of Easter. If it wasn’t a Christian nice thing to do during Holy Week, it’s not a Christian nice thing to do during any other week either.

“If she is really sorry, she should express that but I still question if she’s doing this just because the advertisers walked and what the Fox News’ position is on this,” she added.

Other guests expressed their discomfort with Ingraham’s personal attacks on Hogg, including Nina Turner, president of the Our Revolution organization.

“She’s a grown woman going after a teenager and poking fun at him not even challenging his position on gun violence but going after him personally,” she said. “She apologized but I think that apology was more I got caught and now my advertisers are leaving my show more than being genuine.”

Others were slightly more blunt.

“I can’t believe Laura Ingraham actually has a show,” contributor Bakari Sellers said.

Ingraham did have one defender on the Sunday panel: former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

“Look, the reality is she made a mistake and she shouldn’t have done that,” he began. “The demonization over the last week has been on both sides of the aisle and really … It’s not helpful.”

Watch a clip of the panel via CNN above.

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