CNN’s Ana Navarro Tears Into Andre Bauer For His Trump ‘Apologism’ on Puerto Rico: ‘Not Today!’

Following President Donald Trump’s tweets this morning in which he slammed San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for criticizing the federal response to Hurricane Maria and insinuated Puerto Rican victims were lazy, it was a given that we’d witness some heated debates on cable news. And when CNN decided to pair off political commentators Ana Navarro and Andre Bauer this afternoon, we knew we’d get some fireworks.

But even with that expectation, this segment was something.

Bauer — one of the network’s resident Trump defenders — came into this discussion having already tangled with CNN Senior media correspondent Brian Stelter over the president’s tweets. Meanwhile, Navarro had taken to Twitter following the morning tweetstorm to give her opinion, an opinion she would parrot during this segment:

After Navarro spent a few minutes assailing the administration’s response to Puerto Rico while condemning Trump’s tweets, and Bauer tossed out some figures that made it appear the federal government was doing a bang-up job, the two really got into it.

“He’s got the biggest platform here and he is the one that’s telling the people of Puerto Rico that they want everything done for them,” she exclaimed. “And blaming the financial crisis on this devastation. How dare he?! How dare he?! At this great moment of distress. That is unacceptable.”

As Bauer attempted to interject, Navarro steamrolled him.

“And I will not accept any apologism for Trump,” she shouted at Bauer. “Not today, Andre! Not today! You are going to give him a bit of scrutiny!”

The two would keep going at it for a short while, with Bauer replying that Navarro only has negative things to say about Trump, before ending it in a somewhat acrimonious way.

Watch the heated exchange above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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