CNN’s Dana Bash Confronts Dr. Birx on Why U.S. Has ‘Failed So Badly’ on Pandemic: ‘Why Did This Happen?’


CNN’s Dana Bash confronted Dr. Deborah Birx on State of the Union Sunday about the serious rise in coronavirus cases across the United States in the past month.

“America is not even close to controlling this like other places,” Bash said. “So Dr. Birx, why has the U.S. failed so badly at this?”

Birx said talked about how the virus has spread from back in March when there was an “eruption” of cases in cities to after Memorial Day when “we saw this explosion across the south and the west.”

“So, Dr. Birx, you’re explaining what happened. The question that everybody out there has is why?” Bash followed up. “Why did this happen? Why was the government particularly — I mean, you’re the coordinator for the federal response. Why weren’t you able to stop this from spreading and continuing to spread uncontrollably as it is now?”

Birx talked about what she’s seen across America and said, “As I traveled around the country, I saw all of America moving and I think it’s our job as public health officials to be able to get a message to each American that says if you’ve chosen to go on vacation into a hot spot, you really need to come back and protect those with co-morbidities and assume you’re infected. We have been trying to get out the clarion call about the asymptomatic spread, which I think still Americans and public health officials — it’s hard to get their hands around that, because the number of people who are spreading virus without symptoms, by the time you wait for someone to come forward to the emergency room, you have widespread community spread.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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