CNN’s David Chalian Says Trump ‘Dismantling’ a ‘Pillar of Democracy’ by Questioning Vote, Ignores Dem Senators Doing Same


Like many CNN contributors, reporters, and hosts in the last few days, David Chalian on Thursday blasted President Donald Trump and Republicans in general for alleging fraud and misconduct in the vote count and recount in Florida. The network has categorically labeled any claims of vote fraud “false,” although that determination has not been made by any officials, and Chalian said that Trump even suggesting it is “offensive” and a “dismantling” of Democracy.

Chalian made the remarks to CNN’s Brianna Keilar in the 1 p.m. hour of CNN Right Now. Keiler presented Trump’s strange “disguise” tweet, which Chalian referenced to begin his remarks.

“It’s funny, you know, sometimes we look at the president’s words like, what is he, a box of cereal or a disguise–this is actually, I think pretty darn serious,” he said, as Keilar interjected “Incredibly!”

“I think that he is dismantling a fundamental pillar of our democracy, which is the sanctity of the vote,” Chalian continued. “And he wants to discredit election results that he thinks aren’t in his favor.”

“His dismantling of institutional pillars of our Democracy–It’s just so offensive to hear him talk this way,” he said.

A very serious thing, dismantling Democracy, but it is hard to credit the idea that Trump’s tweets have done it. Questioning the validity of election results has been a national hobby for the last two years, as Democrats have run a presidency-long investigation into election tampering. To be clear, tampering with an election, like vote fraud, would undermine the election results. And it is clear that Democrats do not like the results of 2016’s election. But that questioning of election results that are not in one’s favor are not of concern to Chalian. Indeed, on CNN he has for two years participated in that very questioning.

More directly, and recently, less than 24 hours ago Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) accused Republicans of the exact same thing. “If Stacey Abrams (D) doesn’t win [the governor’s race] in Georgia, they stole it,” said Brown. “It’s clear.”

Brown also said of Republicans “they can’t win elections because there is way more of us than them. They can’t win elections fairly.”

Questioning the vote broadly and/or specifically isn’t uncommon among prominent Democrats at all, in fact. And not just the results from 2016, or 2004, or 2000 (in Florida, no less), but like Sen. Brown, questioning results from just last week.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said the Georgia governor’s race is being “stolen” in an interview with Yahoo, and called for a Federal investigation. Even CNN’s own contributors have undermined the election results and the vote with accusations of theft.

Chalian did not bring this up. CNN seems to dedicate a lot of time to not bringing that up.

It is worth noting also that the trend on the left to question the very nature of our electoral process–to the point of calling our way of voting a denial of “Free and fair elections”–should clearly be considered at least as “dismantling” as questioning the results in a particular Florida county.

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