CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Knocks Trump’s ‘Empty Rhetoric’: This Is Not What Americans Say


Today brought news that North Korea had successfully developed miniaturizing nuclear warheads so they could fit on missiles, greatly increasing the reclusive country’s nuclear capabilities. These reports led to some frankly shocking remarks by President Donald Trump as he threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” if they escalated the nuclear threat.

With the evening bringing a statement from North Korea claiming that it is seriously considering a strike on US territory Guam, CNN’s Don Lemon brought on fellow CNN host Fareed Zakaria to discuss the tense situation. Zakaria noted that the North Korean statement revealed that there is no deal to be had with the regime and that if the United States tried to take out leader Kim Jong-Un, the country would “go all out.”

Regarding Trump’s bombastic remarks towards North Korea, Zakaria explained that this was indeed a red line given to the dictatorship and that the rhetoric from Trump could have dangerous consequences.

“What worried me about it is the kind of rhetoric Donald Trump used is the kind of rhetoric the North Koreans use,” he stated. “It’s not the kind of rhetoric the United States uses. We are measured, we are careful, we match our words with deeds.”

Zakaria confidently said that the United States wouldn’t unleash “fire and fury the kind of which the world has never seen,” since that would mean America would either be dropping nuclear bombs or engaging in a Vietnam-era level bombing campaign.

“This is empty rhetoric that will not be followed by words,” he stated. “And it is dangerous.”

After bringing up Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote about foreign policy, Zakaria highlighted that Trump is “brandishing this enormous stick and, you know, he’s not going to use it.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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