CNN’s New Day On Consequences of Hannity’s Cohen Connection: He’s ‘Bigger Than Fox News’


CNN’s Brian Stelter and Chris Cillizza joined their New Day colleagues on Tuesday morning in order to pour through the implications of Sean Hannity‘s working relationship with Michael Cohen.

Hannity was outed yesterday as the 2017 Cohen client who was trying to remain off the public record, and the Fox host reacted to the revelations by insisting that he never had any formal arrangement with President Trump‘s embattled personal lawyer. However, Stelter says the situation doesn’t add up since Cohen and Hannity have different views about the nature of their connection, and there’s something to be said about the Fox host trying to claim attorney-client privilege on this matter.

Alisyn Camerota noted how Hannity has never publicly disclosed his Cohen connection during his regular pro-Trump coverage, and that prompted Stelter to say that its part of how the Fox host blurs the lines of journalism.

“He says he’s not a journalist, he says journalism is dead, and yet he calls his show real news and says he has anonymous sources, so he tries to have it both ways. He’s an entertainer, but on a channel with a logo that says “news” at the bottom of the screen, so as a result there are certain standards…”

Chris Cuomo followed up by saying it was odd that Fox News and Shepard Smith addressed yesterday’s revelations by speaking of Hannity as an “outside entity” from their news brand. Cillizza reacted by referring to a recent piece Stelter wrote stating that Hannity is not bound by Fox’s rules and standards.

“Hannity is bigger than Fox News at this point,” Cillizza said. “He exists outside of the normal structure. Sean Hannity is not a line producer for Fox News, who, if they did something like this, would be in a lot of trouble.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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