CNN’s Nina Turner Says Republicans Need to Go ‘Change [Trump’s] Diapers’


Donald Trump continued to take criticism for his stunt appearance in the White House briefing room Thursday, as former state Senator and current CNN commentator Nina Turner (D-OH) told the world that it’s time for Republicans to go “change the president’s diapers.”

Following that appearance, a consensus quickly emerged that Trump was attempting to steal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s thunder On Thursday night’s edition of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, panelist Ryan Lizza agreed with that assessment, and host Don Lemon said that Trump’s question-free non-briefing “had stunt written all over it. I mean Nina, help me out here, no?”

“Don, I wish I could,” Turner said. “I mean the president, he’s a whiner, he whines like a baby. He’s a liar and he’s a whiner.”

“I think what needs to happen is the Republicans got to go over there and change the president’s diapers, Don,” she continued. “That’s what this is coming down to, so that he can cut it out, so the grown folks, the big girls and boys can sit around the table and do what is necessary.”

“That’s quite a mental picture,” an amused Lemon remarked.

CNN commentator and former Ted Cruz flack Alice Stewart remarked that the stunt “worked for his base. They took it hook, line and sinker.”

That’s a valid point, but if fellow CNN guest Rick Wilson is to be believed, the only thing that wouldn’t work on Trump’s base is a tube of Colgate. In any case, it seems unlikely that anyone in Trump’s base was in danger of being mesmerized by Pelosi’s swearing-in as speaker.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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