White House Reporters Heckle Trump After Speech: ‘The Point of the Briefing Room is to Take Questions!!!’

President Donald Trump held a surprise briefing in the White House press briefing room late Thursday afternoon after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent a warning to the press only five minutes before it began.

Earlier in the day, Representative Nancy Pelosi took the gavel of House Speaker, and President Trump gracefully congratulated the new speaker for her return to leadership of the House. Afterward, Trump spoke briefly and introduced a number of Border Patrol experts arguing on behalf of the border wall that Trump is so eager for that he has effectively shut down the government to get congressional funding approved.

Trump opted not to take questions and as he exited the briefing room platform, several White House reporters shouted out towards him. “You’re not taking any questions at all?!” one yelled. “The point of the briefing room is to take questions!” another exclaimed, heard above the din of media frustration, from reporters who likely felt like their place of work had just been used as a political prop to advance Trump’s border wall agenda.

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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