Colbert Mocks Ben Carson for Confusing Real Estate Term for the Name of a Cookie: ‘He Has Learned Nothing’


Stephen Colbert did not let HUD Secretary Ben Carson‘s less than stellar performance in front of Congress go unnoticed.

Instead, he pointed out the Carson — who demonstrated a lack of knowledge of his own agency — has “learned nothing” since being named head of HUD.

Calling him the “Sleepy Time Tea” bear, Colbert noted: “What we really learned from Carson today, is that in two years he has learned nothing about his own agency.”

He then played a clip of Carson being drilled by a member of Congress about the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) during the hearing.

Carson did not seem to know what it was.

“OMWI? Come on, Mr. Secretary, I asked you this when you were here last year, and you asked me to be nice to you. And you turned to your staff, OMWI, and you have an OMWI director. And we wrote you a letter about it and OMWI.” Congresswoman Joyce Beatty told Carson during the hearing.

After the clip ended, Colbert said: “Remember we pinned a note to your suit about OMWI? The note also said, ‘Hello, my name is Ben and I am lost and I’m unqualified for my job.”

Colbert then pointed out the moment in same hearing where the HUD secretary confused a real estate term for a name of a cookie.

During the hearing,  Carson was asked about an REO.

“Oreo?” Carson asked.

Colbert as Carson then mocked: “Is it a Mint Milano? A do-Si-Do? A Pecan Sandie? A snickerdoodle? Help me out. I’m not a rocket scientist. I’m only a brain surgeon.”

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