Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr.: ‘He Literally Got His Daddy To Write a Note For Him’

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert took shots at President Trump for Monday night’s bombshell from The Washington Post that revealed he “dictated” Donald Trump Jr.‘s statement regarding his meeting with the Russian lawyer during the election.

“It’s official — Donald Trump is a dictator,” Colbert stated, before adding “technically.”

The Late Show host continued to mock the presidential father and son.

“That is so weak!” he exclaimed. “Can you imagine? Don Jr. gets in trouble. He literally got his daddy to write a note for him!”

He noted in the report that the advisors who wrote the statement “wanted to be truthful.”

“They wanted it to be truthful, which is great because they can plead ‘we prefer to be innocent,'” he quipped.

Colbert then took on Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her defense of Trump, saying “The President weighed in as any father would.”

“Yes, like any father would,” he reacted. “It’s one of those father and son things! It’s a tradition like playing catch, or going fishing, or preventing your son from implicating you in treason.”

He wrapped up by singing a Trump/Russia parody of “Cats and The Cradle.” Yesterday, Colbert sang a parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in honor of Anthony Scaramucci‘s firing.

Watch the clip above via CBS.

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