Colbert Slams Bill and Darla Shine: Trump Hired a Man Who ‘Aided a Sexual Abuser’ and Who’s ‘Married to a Bigot’


On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert blasted former Fox News co-president Bill Shine and his wife Darla Shine for their various controversies as he recently entered the Trump administration as Deputy Chief of Staff of Communications.

Colbert began by slamming Mr. Shine for his 2017 resignation from Fox News for his inaction on the systemic sexual harassment that took place at the network.

“I’m sure that was a quick interview at the White House,” Colbert reacted. “‘Uh, it says here on your resume that you know Microsoft Excel and you enabled the sexual deviances of a dirty old meat bag. Okay… welcome aboard!'”

The Late Show host then shifted his attention to Shine’s wife Darla, who Mediaite reported had made racist tweets and used social media to push conspiracy theories.

“I am shocked those kind of tweets came from the wife of the president’s communications director and not from the president himself,” Colbert told the audience.

He then invoked a tweet of hers that defended President Donald Trump‘s reported “sh*thole” remarks by posting an image comparing “Rome 2000 years ago” to “Africa now.” Colbert responded by comparing Darla Shine to the Klu Klux Klan. He also mocked her various tweets complaining about the use of the N-word, which he concluded that she “really wants to use the N-word.”

“So in conclusion, Donald Trump just hired a man who had to resign in shame from his last job for aiding a sexual abuser and was married to a bigot who is weirdly obsessed with racial slurs and faux-ginas. They will fit right in,” Colbert said.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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