Corey Lewandowski Claims ‘the Media is Jealous of the Trumps’

During a conversation on Watters’ World on Saturday, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski claimed that the media was just plain jealous of the Trumps.

It came during a conversation about how —  in the opinion of the Watters’ World panel —  the media is all too willing to revel in the possibility of Robert Mueller going after the Trump kids.

“Look, very candidly, the media is jealous of the Trumps and they have been since the day he came down that escalator,” Lewandowski opined.

He then listed all the things that he thought the media envied, including: “All of his success in the real estate world, All the success on television, now his success in politics and his family’s success.”

Lewandowski further suggested that if Ivanka Trump was a Democrat she would be on the cover of magazines and looked to as “woman of the year.”

“The mainstream media does not want to give this family the credit they deserve,” he said, hammering his point home, before noting that the media won’t give the Trump family credit for things like prison reform.

Watch above, via Fox News



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