Corey Lewandowski: Trump Has ‘Legal Authority’ to Fire Robert Mueller


Corey Lewandowski appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday to let George Stephanopoulos know that if President Donald Trump wanted to fire the special prosecutor investigating his campaign ties to Russia, “he has a legal authority to do so.”

The former lobbyist, consultant, Trump campaign manager and current TV surrogate seemed to be laying the potential groundwork for the sacking of Robert Mueller, who is managing the sprawling investigation into Russian election meddling that has dogged the young administration.

Administration officials and allies have previously hinted that Trump is considering ousting Mueller, but rarely have the proclamations of his authority to do so been made so publicly.

“Look, if the president wants to fire Robert Mueller by all accounts he has a legal authority to do so,” Lewandowski told Stephanopoulos. “He could have done that on May 1, he could have done that today, he could do that any time he wants to.”

“Actually Corey that’s not true,” Stephanopoulos retorted. “Right now it’s the acting attorney general Rod Rosenstein who has that authority.”

“Oh no, no, no, no George you’re wrong,” Lewandowski said. “The president has a legal authority to fire Robert Mueller if he wants to. Now Robert Mueller reports to Rod Rosenstein, but Rod Rosenstein could also be terminated.”

“The Constitution is clear: the president as the chief executive officer of this country, has the ability to hire and fire executives who work for him,” Lewandowski claimed.

Now, the actual process of firing Mueller is far more complex than Lewandowski suggests, and there are more than a few hurdles Trump would have to clear in order to oust the special prosecutor — The Washington Post’s Philip Bump provides a useful outline here, with charts!

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