Dan Abrams: 36 Month Sentence is a ‘Big Win’ For Michael Cohen


ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams believes Michael Cohen got off easy, on Wednesday, when a judge sentenced Donald Trump‘s former attorney to three years in prison.

Cohen appeared in court to receive his penalty for his shady business dealings, perjury before Congress, and campaign finance lawbreaking at the direction of his old boss, the president. Abrams dissected the news in a special report with George Stephanopoulos, and stated that a three year sentence really isn’t all that bad for the former Trump attorney.

“I think this 36 month sentence is a win for Michael Cohen,” Abrams said. “The Southern District of New York is coming forward and saying not only is the sentencing range 51-63 months, but we think he’s still lying to us, he still wasn’t cooperating with us, he is making claims in documents that we think aren’t true.”

Stephanopoulos quoted Jeanie Rhee, an attorney on the Mueller team, as saying that Cohen provided “credible and valuable information…regarding any links between a campaign and a foreign government.” The ABC News anchor cited that as evidence that collusion is still very much in play in the special counsel probe. Abrams agreed.

“This is us reading between the lines here,” Abrams said, “But it’s important and significant and it was a comment made not by the SDNY, but by the prosecutor representing the special counsel.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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