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Dan Abrams Shreds Trump Campaign’s ‘Fake’ NY Times Lawsuit on The View: ‘There’s No Way Donald Trump is Testifying’

ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams said President Donald Trump’s “fake” lawsuit against The New York Times is doomed to failure.

Abrams appeared on The View Tuesday in light of the release of his book John Adams Under Fire, and after discussing the Trump administration’s response to coronavirus, the conversation moved onto the Trump campaign’s effort to sue the Times for libel over an opinion piece. The lawsuit has already been deemed hopeless across Fox News, and Abrams agreed by saying, “This lawsuit is fake.”

“There are two big problems with this lawsuit that make it a non-starter,” Abrams continued. “Donald Trump is not going to testify. He is not going to be deposed, and you have to be deposed for this lawsuit to move forward.”

Joy Behar interjected to call the lawsuit “baloney,” which Abrams seconded as “total baloney.”

“If they were serious about it as a legal matter, they would have filed it in Virginia. They wouldn’t have filed it in New York,” Abrams went on. When asked why the Trump campaign was even pursuing the lawsuit, he said: “It’s a political statement. The lawsuit is filled with allegations against The New York Times about how biased they are, et cetera. So either one of two things will happen. Either the case is going to get dismissed, or they’re going to drop it because there’s no way Donald Trump is testifying in connection with this case, period.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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