Dan Abrams: Zimmerman Defense Will Look For ‘Typical White Male NRA Supporter’ In Jury Selection

As the jury selection begins today in George Zimmerman‘s trial for the 2011 murder of Trayvon Martin, ABC legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams explained that the process will take longer than usual due to the “high-profile” nature of the case, and that despite what people will refuse to admit: both the prosecutor and defense will be looking at racial issues when selecting prospective jurors.

“It’s going to be tough, but they’ll find a jury,” Abrams told host Robin Roberts. He explained that the jurors do not have to be entirely unfamiliar with the case, but will likely be people who either haven’t formed opinions yet or haven’t followed very closely.

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“The one issue that no one’s going to want to admit that they’re looking at is race,” Abrams added. “Both sides are going to be looking very closely at race.”

He said that this will be an unusual process because, unlike other famous cases, the defense will be looking for the “typical white, male, NRA-supporting prospective jurors” while the prosecution will want the exact opposite.

Watch below, via ABC:

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