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Dan Bongino Calls to Surveil Mosques: ‘This PC Society is Sickening’ and Dangerous to Citizens

In the wake of the terrorist attack that took place in New York City this afternoon, former federal agent and NYPD officer Dan Bongino offered what he thought would “make a dent” in preventing future attacks.

Bongino told Tucker Carlson that very few people of interests are under “active, physical surveillance” and that mass data collections have been a “waste of time.”

“We’ve fallen in love with ‘sig-int,’ signal intelligence – collecting emails and social media and we’ve fallen out of love with old school shaking of the trees in communities,” he elaborated.

He said “forming high-quality investigative sources” in communities is how the mobs were broken up and how it could break the Islamic extremist ideology.

Carlson noted that there’s an “entire political party” (Democrats) who would prevent that from happening and Bongino added that they’re “committed to open borders.”

“You have an American political party as well… that’s absolutely committed to the idea that we should never surveil, God forbid, in a mosque because that may upset some people,” Bongino continued. “Listen, nobody is saying anywhere––no credible personality anywhere is saying that ‘all Muslims are involved in terrorism.’ That’s absurd. That’s a leftist stupid talking point. A mosque, Tucker, should not either be some kind of protected space.”

Borgino insisted that law enforcement would intervene if a Christian church was “professing” that they wanted to blow something up.

“This PC society is sickening and it’s damn dangerous to American citizens,” he added.  “And thank God we have a president who finally understands the threat too by the way. I mean, look where we would be now if we had this apologizing and not using the word ‘terrorism’ anymore.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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