David Frum on Expectations For Trump’s SOTU: ‘You Can Train a Seal’ to ‘Behave Itself’


Conservative commentator David Frum is setting the bar low for President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union, set for Tuesday night.

When asked by CNN’s Poppy Harlow what the president could say in his address to meet Frum’s bar for success, the former Bush speechwriter responded “I don’t have any questions left about Donald Trump.”

“There are no serious questions left about what kind of person he is, what kind of president he is,” he added.

Harlow contended that Trump has signaled being open to a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, asking if that was something Frum expected.

“Look, you can train a seal to sit on the side of a pool for an hour and behave itself,” Frum replied. “That doesn’t make it no longer a seal.”

“If Donald Trump can get through an hour of good behavior — he’s done that before — but that doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen at an hour and five minutes.”

Trump’s State of the Union will be his second address to a joint session of Congress. His first, in February 2017, received a warm reception from some pundits who gave the president plaudits for presenting a more “presidential” speech than his dour “American Carnage” inauguration address. Other pundits, Frum included, were stunned at how low the bar was set for Trump’s speeches.

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