David Gergen Blown Away By Giuliani Ukraine Trip: Impeachment is Going to Turn on the ‘Word of a KGB Agent?!’


CNN’s David Gergen seemed aghast at Rudy Giuliani’s current trip to Ukraine that the former New York Mayor and personal attorney to President Donald Trump have sold as an effort to “blow up” the impeachment case made by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the president’s lawyer traveled to Budapest and Kyivto interview a number of controversial Ukrainian former officials. Giuliani said on Tuesday that he was developing a project with the far-right One America News Network, and the Times now says Giuliani’s trip “was organized around the filming of a multipart television series” where he’ll be featured on OANN.

New details have since emerged about Giuliani’s trip. As the Washington Examiner reported, he was meeting with a former KGB-trained Ukrainian interested in an investigation into the Bidens.

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani huddled with a KGB-trained Ukrainian lawmaker in Kyiv who wants to investigate the Bidens.

Andriy Derkach posted photographs of the meeting on Facebook and said he pushed Giuliani to form a bilateral investigation between the two countries into corruption in Ukraine. He also said he planned to form an anti-corruption group in the parliament, according to the Washington Post. He is one of the “key figures” seeking to build a corruption case in Ukraine against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, according to the Post.

“Rudolph Giuliani has arrived in Kyiv. We met up immediately to discuss the establishment of the Friends of Ukraine STOP Corruption interparliamentary group,” Derkach said in the post, which also said that an “American television company” filmed the exchange.

Derkach said he sent letters to top Republicans in the White House and in Congress, urging them to engage with him on corruption investigations.

If it sounds absurd that the personal attorney to a sitting president (that is currently under investigation for asking a foreign power to investigate his political rival) is currently in that same foreign nation seeking the help of a former KGB trained official seeking information about the sitting president’s political rival, then Gergen’s comments are for you!

“To think … the main person he’s been talking to — his father was head of intelligence for the KGB in Ukraine; the man himself graduated from a KGB school in Moscow; and the man himself was a member of a fringe party in the parliament of Ukraine, a pro Russian party — are we now going to have impeachment turn on the word of a KGB agent?” Gergen asked rhetorically.

Unless his skeptical ridicule was missed, Gergen added: “come on…give me a break!”

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