David Hogg on Trump Suggesting Armed Teachers: ‘Can You Imagine the Mass Chaos and Hysteria?’


Parkland student David Hogg was on MSNBC minutes after President Trump tweeted again about the idea of arming teachers today.

Hogg said, “We don’t even pay our teachers a living wage in South Florida, to be quite frank with you… I don’t think that we should be giving our teachers guns if we can’t even pay them a living wage.”

He also pointed to the officers that didn’t step in sooner to stop the gunman and asked why a teacher wouldn’t be different.

Hogg also laid out potential problems with this issue, particularly if a student took a teacher’s gun after the teacher had been hit and a cop misidentified that student in a split second decision:

“What if there were multiple shooters? What if there’s a fire alarm? Can you imagine the mass chaos and hysteria that would be caused? Imagine all the police officers trying to figure out which gunshots are friendly, which ones are not. They don’t have time for that, they need to make decisions and we don’t need any more guns in these scenarios.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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