comScore Dean Obeidallah: 'If Donald Trump Was Literally Arrested, Fox News Would Declare Victory'

Dean Obeidallah Rips Fox on AM Joy: ‘If Donald Trump Was Literally Arrested, Fox News Would Declare Victory’

Comic political commentator and SiriusXM radio host Dean Obeidallah tore into Fox News over the network’s hosts doing premature victory laps about the as-yet-unreleased Mueller report, saying that “If Donald Trump was literally arrested, Fox News would declare victory.”

On Sunday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s .AM Joy, host Joy Reid joined Obeidallah in mocking Fox News’ coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, none of which has been made public. Reid began by playing clips of people like Sean Hannity and Pete Hegseth “spiking the football” without having seen any of the report.

“It’s remarkable what we’re seeing over there,” Obeidallah said, adding that “Lou Dobbs had Diamond and Silk on to go through the Mueller report, I’m not even kidding.”

“Well, it’s not done unless Rayon and Cubic Zirconia weigh in,” Reid cracked.

“Look, if Donald Trump was literally arrested, Fox News would’ve declared victory,” Obeidallah said. “It doesn’t matter, because they don’t live in the real world. They live in the pro-Trump world.”

He added that “We don’t know what’s in the report, we’re being responsible here being like ‘We don’t know what’s in the report. Were there some on the progressive side who literally wanted Donald Trump to be led out in handcuffs? Yes.”

“We never thought he was going to get Donald Trump, so to speak,” Obeidallah went on to say. “We are. We want to do that November 3, 2020. We want to send such a big message to the country that the bigotry  and racism and sexism of Donald Trump, and the corruption, has no place here. Let them do their cart wheels on Fox.”

Watch the clip above, from MSNBC.

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