Dem Rep on Giuliani Saying They Want to ‘Execute’ Him: ‘These People Are Absolutely Delusional’

At a Turning Point USA event yesterday, Rudy Giuliani railed against impeachment and said, “They wanna put Barr in prison and they wanna execute me.”

“Good luck by the way,” he added. “The Mafia tried that. And the FARC. The Mafia, the FARC, and the word you can’t say, Islamic extremist terrorists, have all taken out contracts of one kind or another to kill me, and my answer is good luck. I just get angrier and I go after you more.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett spoke with House Democrat Earl Blumenauer tonight and asked him about those remarks.

“These people are absolutely delusional,” he responded.

“Nobody wants to execute anybody. If they look at our records, we know that we’re actually opposed to capital punishment,” he continued. “But Rudy Giuliani is clearly skating on thin ice. And he may well have violated U.S. laws. He may be in legal jeopardy. We’ll watch what comes forward. But I find it ironic that he talks about this being in America while he’s out there doing the bidding of Russia. I mean, the president’s line of attack is repeating Putin. They conjured up this whole Ukrainian delusional idea that has been debunked by their own officials in the intelligence community. So they’re making things up.”

Burnett also asked Blumenauer about him calling for holding the articles of impeachment and not sending them to the Senate yet. He said, “I’m pleased that we’re in no rush to send them over to Mitch McConnell to have an unfair, biased process. I don’t even know how he could, in good conscience, take the oath that he’s required to take if there’s an impeachment action, pledging to be impartial. Time is not on their side.”

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