Devin Nunes on Call Logs: ‘It’s Possible’ I Spoke to Parnas, ‘I Don’t Really Recall that Name’


Congressman Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, spoke with Sean Hannity tonight about his lawsuit against CNN and addressed the call logs he’s included in.

The call logs detailed in the committee Democrats’ impeachment report shows calls between Rudy Giuliani, Nunes, and others, including a call between Nunes and Giuliani’s now-indicted associate Lev Parnas.

Nunes filed a $435 million defamation lawsuit against CNN over its recent report on allegations from Parnas’ lawyer that, as CNN put it, “his client is willing to tell Congress about meetings the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee had in Vienna last year with a former Ukrainian prosecutor to discuss digging up dirt on Joe Biden.” In the lawsuit Nunes categorically says he did not go to Vienna.

Nunes spoke with Hannity tonight and railed against the “fake news” from CNN, saying, “They shouldn’t be listening to somebody who has been indicted, okay? It’s really really bad on their part. It’s reckless. It’s clearly reckless.”

“It’s clear to me CNN has had an ax to grind,” he added, telling Hannity has has pictures of himself in Benghazi and Malta at the time frame in question.

Hannity asked about the call logs between him and Parnas, saying, “My sources are telling me that three of the four so-called calls were apparently to just Giuliani and maybe on Parnas’ phone under a minute, is that true?”

“The House Intelligence Committee, we are the oversight committee. We have Americans and foreigners contact us every single day with information. We take that information. You know, we see them somewhere, we listen. We say can you get this to the appropriate lawyer or staff member on the committee,” Nunes said.

He recalled speaking with Giuliani at the time period in question and said they were “laughing about how Mueller bombed out.”

“Everything I spoke with Rudy Giuliani about is nothing that I wouldn’t care if the American people found out,” Nunes added.

Hannity asked him if he ever spoke to Parnas. Nunes responded with the following:

“It’s possible. I haven’t gone through all my phone records. I don’t really recall that name. I remember the name now because he’s been indicted. But why would CNN rely on somebody like this? I’ll go back and check all my records, but it seems very unlikely that I would be taking calls from random people. Like I said, we have a process, standard operating procedure. You call my office or you call me or see me out on the street, I will do my job and do my duty. I’ll take your information, I’ll get it to the appropriate staff person or the appropriate agency in that matter. And I will tell you this, that, you know, anything that we have from Parnas and his lawyers, whatever game they’re up to, we’re going to work directly with the Justice Department to make sure that these guys aren’t just trying to obstruct justice, to obstruct our congressional investigation or lie to Congress. I can guarantee you that. I don’t know what these guys are up to. But the long arm of the law is going to catch them.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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