Eric Trump Says 57-Year-Old Michael Caputo is ‘Young Kid’ Who Can’t Afford Lawyers For Russia Probes


Eric Trump, adult son of President Donald Trump, appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to rail against House Democrats planning investigations of the president and his orbit, echoing his father by calling it “harassment.”

At one point, he lamented that “young kids” — like the 57-year-old former Trump campaign staffer Michael Caputo — can’t afford legal fees to deal with such investigations.

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade had asked Eric Trump about Caputo declining to provide documents or testify after receiving a request from the House Judiciary Committee.

“I don’t blame the guy to tell you the truth,” Eric Trump said. “They’re trying to harass, trying to waste time. They take these young kids, right. They send so many documents to them. They have to hire lawyers, it practically bankrupts these kids.”

“Listen, we’re big boys and girls,” Eric said, referring to himself. “We can handle it, we can lawyer up, we can fight, we have the platform in order to fight.”

“But you take some of the young kids who get these things, they don’t have those resources,” he said. “They don’t have those lawyers. They don’t have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend in legal defense. And they did nothing wrong. And so I don’t blame these Caputos for going out and saying I’m not doing it.”

Caputo, according to the Washington Post, was asked by the House committee to produce documents related to the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between campaign staffers and Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. Caputo was not at the meeting. Investigators are also interested in his contacts with Roger Stone, a friend and former informal adviser to Trump who was indicted in the Mueller probe last month.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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