Erin Burnett Asks House Dem If Party Should ‘Start Seriously Looking at Someone Else’ After Brutal Biden Poll


CNN host Erin Burnett asked Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) whether it was time for the Democratic Party to “start seriously looking at someone else” after a brutal poll showed that the majority of Democrats don’t want President Joe Biden to be the nominee.

The poll, which was published by CNN on Thursday, revealed that a whopping 67% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents do not want Biden to be the Democratic nominee again in 2024 up 13% from March, when 54% said the same.

On CNN’s OutFront on Thursday, Burnett told Porter, “I know you’ve seen this poll yourself, but 67% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents want the party to nominate someone other than Joe Biden for 2024. Does the Democratic Party need to start seriously looking at someone else?”

Porter — who is currently running for the retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) seat in the Senate — responded by arguing that “President Biden has done a terrific job on the economy and I think this is a matter of just people wanting to sort of dream up what they could imagine for different kinds of candidates at this point.”

She continued:

But the truth is, Joe Biden has a terrific story to tell on the economy. He’s not getting a ton of help telling it, I think, and that’s part of one of the things that I hear during my Senate campaign, is people want to hear about what he’s done. They also want to hear about what he’s still going to do, and if you think back to his big signature legislation, the things that got knocked out of it, the cost of childcare, bringing down the cost of housing, two free years of community college. I think what voters are signalling is they want those problems tackled and they still see the work ahead, and I would say Joe Biden sees the work ahead too, and that’s exactly why we should elect him.

Watch above via CNN.

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