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False Alarm: Tom Tancredo Actually Loves Arizona Immigration Law

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo—or, as Jon Stewart refers to him, “the man Mexicans tell their kids about to make them eat their vegetables—made a splash earlier this week when he commented, that he would not want people to be stopped and searched by police officers just for looking “illegal.” Turns out he wasn’t commenting against the Arizona immigration law, he just thinks the law wouldn’t let that happen.

Tancredo spoke to Chris Matthews on Hardball this evening to clear up his stance, which confused many who know Tancredo mostly for his strict view on illegal immigration. While he does believe it would be terrible for people to be stopped and checked because of their race or appearance, he does not see within the Arizona law any way in which that would be sanctioned, and would not have supported it if that were not the case. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t want you to believe everything you read on the Huffington Post: he fully supports the law.

He also reiterated his position on illegal immigration, calling it “a slap in the face” to the people that worked hard to get into this country legally and respect America’s laws, and called himself a “dreamer” for hoping that it was possible to kick illegal immigrants out of the country out of respect for legal ones.

The video below:

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