Fareed Zakaria Calls Out the ‘Donald Trump Two-Step’ Routine: Insult and Threaten, Then Backpedal


CNN’s Fareed Zakaria delivered a scathing monologue during his show Sunday, zeroing in on President Donald Trump‘s claim of friendly relations with the E.U. not long after he declared it an enemy.

Zakaria felt the president’s backtracking had become so routine, it deserved its own name: the Donald Trump Two-Step.

“It goes something like this,” Zakaria said, laying out the pattern. “Begin by hurling insults at the other side, some which have a basis in reality but are mostly wild exaggerations, threaten extreme consequences, then meet with the other side, backpedal and triumphantly announce that you have saved the world from a crisis that your rhetoric and actions caused in the first place.”

Recognizing the same theme in Trump’s relations with North Korea, Zakaria noted he bashed then threatened dictator Kim Jong Un before making significant concessions “and gushing about how the North Korean people love their absolute dictator and how he, Trump, trusts him.”

Zakaria warned the audience to expect the two-step again with China.

He also took aim at the beliefs of some that there’s a method to the madness, debunking that as a myth.

“There are those who asset that Donald Trump’s seemingly bizarre and unpredictable behavior is actually all part of a canny and wise strategy, that he’s playing a four-dimensional chess, operating in space time,” Zakaria said. “If so, he’s getting badly beaten here on Earth.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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