Fareed Zakaria Is Fed Up With ‘Anti-Democratic’ Tea Party: ‘They Were Not Elected Dictators’

CNN host Fareed Zakaria is deeply concerned for the future of America, and on last night’s Anderson Cooper 360º took the Tea Party to task for what he considered the “hijacking” of the nation by the Tea Party. Citing the strange bedfellow Charles Krauthammer as a level head on the issue, Zakaria called the Tea Party’s opposition to raising the debt ceiling “fundamentally anti-democratic” and hoped the President was “seriously exploring” the 14th Amendment escape hatch to passing a budget.

“The Tea Party has an agenda,” Zakaria told host Anderson Cooper, and argued “it cannot get it thought the political democratic process.” As a result, Zakaria argues that they have said “we’ll blow up the country if you don’t listen to us. We will hold hostage the credit of the United States, the good standing of the United States and we’ll blow it up.” He noted Krauthammer had called the strategy “counter-constitutional” and agreed. “If you control just one of the three branches of government, you can’t hijack the entire system.” He went on to argue that “they don’t understand the workings of democracy” and “they were not elected dictators of the United States.”

“It’s an extraordinary act of hostage taking,” Zakaria continued, and finally concluded in his frustration that “I hope President Obama is seriously exploring the possibility of invoking the 14th Amendment.”

The segment via CNN below:

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